Angst & Ennui


Angst & Ennui is the story of a marooned alien (“Digby”), his wino pal (“Gus”), and their genetically-modified simian tag-along (“Zigzag”). Digby is missing several bits of anatomy, though there may be a chance of getting some of them back. Gus is in a self-imposed exile from the job he loves, due to guilt over an incident that occurred years ago, and resulted in the death of a friend. Zigzag resembles a primate but displays advanced, human-like behavior. Part of his modification is a craving for marijuana; the government that created him wanted a harmless scapegoat that only seemed dangerous, and apparently think that a majority of their constituents still believe that weed is scary.

The world they inhabit generally resembles the USA, and in the beginning I sometimes used the strip to react to current events. I think I’ve abandoned that, though it probably still creeps in there. I work with a very loose outline and write the strips in bursts. Since I update three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), I try to present three installments of the same story thread, when it makes sense to do so.

Sometimes people ask me what the words in the name of my comic mean, and how to pronounce them. Here are the answers to those questions:

Angst (æŋst), n. a feeling of anxiety and worry about a situation, or about your life

Ennui (ɑːnˈwiː), n. feelings of being bored and not satisfied because nothing interesting is happening

I lifted these definitions from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. With a name like that, it is probably the only dictionary to be seen with. Also you can look things up in it for free online. Try it – you might like it.