You will need reading materials to pass the lonely hours in the fallout shelter. Reading materials created by me have the distinct advantage of being created for just such a purpose. Do yourself a favor and buy a few copies. If there are other sentient types in your life, whom you cherish, purchase copies for them, as well.


Angst & Ennui Volume #1: Nowhere to Go But Up

Collecting the first 150 Angst & Ennui strips, 25 Bonus Comics, and 10 Secret Comics, with a few never-before-seen illustrations to fill-in the blanks. You’re welcome.











Unmarred Edition: $18.00


Artist Edition: $23.00

For the extra $5, I will make a doodle in your book! Feel free to make a suggestion in the shipping instructions area of the checkout process.

Be warned: I may not choose to follow your suggestion.